Estanislao Carenzo was born
in the multicultural Buenos Aires, Argentina,
and has been dedicating his life to travelling,
absorbing influences
and sharing his gastronomic vision
throughout the world. His forte?
“A cuisine with a strong Asian basis
and a very personal and sensory touch
that reflects my origins,
the places I’ve travelled to
and the cultures I’ve been in touch with.”

At 18, determined to become a chef,
avidly seeking to learn
and to live new experiences,
he was mentored by chef Beatriz Chomnález
and worked in several restaurants in Argentina.
During this period, he also travelled
to other countries, which is how he ended up
in the United States, where he interned
in the famous DANIEL by chef Daniel Boulud,
and in France, where he learned the French
cooking techniques at the restaurant
La Côte d’Or, with chef Bernad Loiseau. 
In Paris, he worked as a volunteer
in a Vietnamese restaurant
and became enthralled
with that country’s cuisine,
which he found “varied, complex,
flavourful and completely unpretentious”. 

At 24 years old, with two friends, he opened
his first restaurant in Buenos Aires
—Sudestada, an Asian-inspired place
that became one of the city's classics. 

After that, he lived for a year and a half
in Japan, a “decisive” period,
because it allowed him to understand
how Japanese society views
cuisine, culture and traditions.
In 2003, he came to Europe and opened
Sudestada, this time in Madrid, Spain,
featuring Asian food with Spanish ingredients.
This project was followed by many others
also in the Spanish capital.

In 2011, he met and talked with José Avillez,
and became aware of the historical link
between Portugal and Asia
and felt the appeal to move to Lisbon
and open a restaurant in this city.
The project has now come true
with "Casa dos Prazeres" and "Rei da China".

@ Estanis Carenzo